London old store, Disney & movies hidden treasures

Hi everyone! Today I found in a pile of old drawings and cinema memorabilias one of my favorite things ever! It is very simple, but it is so precious to me. When I was a kid, and when I went with my dad in London, we would always go and take a look in a wonderful art gallery, which sadly no longer exists. It was called Catto and it displeyed always the most wonderful things, all related to cinema and movies. Especially Disney! They would sell original prints, framed art, gorgeous screencaps, pictures and autographed stuff. Once, they even had a maquette event, where they would sell AMAZING “Nightmare before Christmas” maquettes AND Tim Burton in person did attend and autographed the little busts and statues. Unfortunately, it happened the exact day of our return at home with the plane… 🙁

And I always collected everything I could take home with me, little leaflets, cards, free pictures, etcetera. And one of my most beloved treats that I took home was this lovely, thick cardboard little pamphlet from Disney’s “Beauty and the beast“. In a short time they would have a display of the movie new edition maquettes and I remember it looked like the most amazing thing ever. I couldn’t attend to this event either, ugh!, but just having this leaflet was sooo good!! It felt like taking a piece of something rare and beautiful with me!

catto disney1

I wouldn’t mind having these two beauties at home, now! I LLLLLOVE maquettes!!!! And these two look absolutely wonderful! As you can see, the exact same colours from the movie were used to paint these ones!

catto disney2

Let’s dream about this adorable maquettes! Now that we are all waiting for the 2017 movie to arrive in theaters, it seems to me that everything concerning “Beauty and the beast” is more great than ever?? Don’t you too? 😉

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