Beauty and the beast teaser 2017 – interviewing friends

Hi everyone! Today there was a wonderful surprise! The Disney’s Beauty and the Beast’s theatrical trailer teaser was released!!!!


And it was PURE DISNEY MAGIC!!! Yes, Disney, following her new list of great classical remakes, is now concentrating on a brand new movie, based on the 1991 animated feature “The Beauty and the beast”, one of the most beloved Disney classic movies of all times! And as usual, the audience is mad with anticipation! Will the movie be FABULOUS? Will it mantain the wonderful, poetic, magical and romantic feeling of the original one that we all love so dearly? Will the casting be accurate and satisfying? Will it be a musical? And if so, will it be AH-MAZING?? We so HOPE so! Today, at Living through movies, we will take a closer look at the teaser and talk a bit about this gorgeous upcoming movie!

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the cast! Of course, by now we all know that the role of Belle will be impersonated by… oh, yes, beautiful Emma Watson! Did you know that actually she is French? So, a good choice to play la francaise Belle, n’est-ce pas? Also, of course Emma is luckily known for her great role as Hermione Granger and we all can see a beautiful trait d’union between Hermione, Belle and Emma herself, as she has always revealed to the audience: their love for books and their cleverness, independent minds and unique way of being! Also: she is just plain SPLENDID AND CHARMING! So I believe she will be a perfect Disney princess with a brilliant mind and a strong behaviour! In the trailer we can hear her voice when she enters the castle for the first time asking: “Hello?…” and we can totally feel shivers down our spines. And then we get to see a nice shot of the enchanted red rose and Emma-Belle as she is almost touching it, looking at it through the glass in the West Wing. … SHI-VERS!!!!!!!!!! Belle looks dressed in blue, of course, AND she is wearing a RING! Like the one in the original children story? Who knows!!!?

Cast1The Beast? Oh, the beast… Well! In the trailer we get to see a PICTURE of him as a boy with HIS PARENTS!!!!!! Will the movie show us a bit of HOW did the boy get turned into a horrible beast by the Fairy????? I mean… not a bit… A LOT, PLEASE!!!! The beast, aka prince Adam, will be played by actor Dan Stevens, known among others for his role in BBC’s Downton Abbey. He is veeerrrry handsome and also verrry talented!!!!! Great choice for the legendary role of the beast, who must pass through a whole range of emotions and feelings before finding his humanity and love inside him again!

The father of Belle, sweet Maurice, the chubby, genius inventor, will be played by… Kevin Kline! Oh yes, one of my all time favorite actors, although I cannot quite really figure him out as Maurice, but still, he is so versatile and surprising that… No doubt I will love him as dear old Maurice. We do not yet see him in the teaser, sadly.

Cast2But we DO hear… hehe! Lumiere and Cogsworth, voiced by… Ohohohoh!!!! … Yes! Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD RIGHT??????????????? I swear, when I first read about the casting I was a bit undecided about Ewan McGregor, I don’t know why… but then, when today I heard THAT VOICE. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It threw away ALL of my doubts!!! Amazing voice, amazing actor!!!! So sweet and funny and cheeky at the same time!!!!! Perfect, perfect!!! And, well… need I say more? … Ian McKellen? Did you hear THAT voice in the teaser???? I… I… I already want it on dvd to buy. Right now!!!! A year???? Are you insane?????

Cast3yAnd now. Gaston. Gaston. Dear, crazy, extra macho, vulgar, annoying, inopportune Gaston will be played by… LUKE EVANS!!!!!!!!!! Aahahahaha, nooooooo!!! I can’t believe it!!! I wanna see him!!! What? Who? … HOW??? Luke Evans???? He is one of my most beloved actors and I’ve always seen him as the good guy. And now: Gaston!!!! Oh GGGOD!!!! I cannot wait to see him in this performance and of course he is not in the teaser!!! WHY???? I know why, but…. why???????

Le Fou will be played by… hold on to your hats: OLAF!!! Yeah, that’s right, Josh Gad, people, Josh Gad, who I believe is right on spot playing this one!!!!!! Couldn’t think of anyone better than him to play that… that… Oh, how can I even begin to describe Le Fou? Let’s just say that I am fully SURE about the fact that he will just be perfect!

And finally, mrs Potts. Well, if I think mrs Potts I think England, British, elegant, lovely, adorable british mrs Potts who serves tea and crumpets and is just the perfect english, sweet nanny, kind of like a Mary Poppins who will soothe any trouble with a cuppa tea. And who do YOU think if I say all that? Totally. Emma. Thompson. RIGHT???? Yay, Emma Thompson will be the kind and maternal mrs Potts!!! And I already love her for that!!!!

Cast2sfsfIn the teaser we are introduced in the beast castle, which, I believe, is very in the style of a sumptuous Phantom of the Opera! Very mysterious, very gloomy, yet gorgeous, rich, decadent, breath taking, golden and covered in winter snow. We get to see briefly the inside of the ballroom with crystal chandeliers and an abandoned piano. Also we can hear in the air Alan Menken’s music with a piano theme of Beauty and the beast lingering in the grand halls and cold rooms. Then we see the entrance of the castle with a broken door… And Belle is… just… almost… entering the do… No! You must wait!!! And in the end, falling across a black background is a single red petal of the Rose and a golden writing appears: “Be our guest” …Oh. Dear. God. If you can go through the teaser without crying… you are a very strong Disney fan!!!

I was very impressed by this short preview and very pleased with it too. I cannot wait to see the longer trailer and I believe the movie will be unbelievably good! But I wanted some opinions, SO! I asked to my friends what did THEY think of the teaser and, here we go!!!! I am proud to present THE GREAT WHADDYA THINKABOUT DA TEASER GAME!!!

Simone: “The light effects are very well done. But the teaser shows so little…”

Manuel: “Gothic, suggestive and evocative. It will be a long await. But surely it will be worth it!”

Niccolò: “Another attempt from Disney to offer one of its classical movies in a modern key. I cannot say yet if it will be or not good, but I’m sure it won’t be as good as the original we all know and love. Disney cartoons were real art works, these are re interpretations done for an audience who can’t just settle for the cheerfulness and simplicity of old times but wants to be impressed by digital effects. Will these movies make history? Will they be shown to our kids until the vhs tape breaks? I don’t think so.”

Steven: “The teaser has excellent premises!!!”

Lucy: “Fairy-tale setting, excellent soundtrack, waiting to discover the beauty of True Love…”

Giovanni: “It’s a good teaser, it builds up the curiosity! It has a good style. The only thing I don’t like is that I would have rather seen other things beside the castle, but I know I teaser’s time is short, so… Anyway, let’s wait for the movie!!”

So, in conclusion, guys… March 17th 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re already there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tale as old as time… 😉


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