Beauty and the beast teaser 2017 – interviewing friends

Hi everyone! Today there was a wonderful surprise! The Disney’s Beauty and the Beast’s theatrical trailer teaser was released!!!!


And it was PURE DISNEY MAGIC!!! Yes, Disney, following her new list of great classical remakes, is now concentrating on a brand new movie, based on the 1991 animated feature “The Beauty and the beast”, one of the most beloved Disney classic movies of all times! And as usual, the audience is mad with anticipation! Will the movie be FABULOUS? Will it mantain the wonderful, poetic, magical and romantic feeling of the original one that we all love so dearly? Will the casting be accurate and satisfying? Will it be a musical? And if so, will it be AH-MAZING?? We so HOPE so! Today, at Living through movies, we will take a closer look at the teaser and talk a bit about this gorgeous upcoming movie!

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the cast! Of course, by now we all know that the role of Belle will be impersonated by… oh, yes, beautiful Emma Watson! Did you know that actually she is French? So, a good choice to play la francaise Belle, n’est-ce pas? Also, of course Emma is luckily known for her great role as Hermione Granger and we all can see a beautiful trait d’union between Hermione, Belle and Emma herself, as she has always revealed to the audience: their love for books and their cleverness, independent minds and unique way of being! Also: she is just plain SPLENDID AND CHARMING! So I believe she will be a perfect Disney princess with a brilliant mind and a strong behaviour! In the trailer we can hear her voice when she enters the castle for the first time asking: “Hello?…” and we can totally feel shivers down our spines. And then we get to see a nice shot of the enchanted red rose and Emma-Belle as she is almost touching it, looking at it through the glass in the West Wing. … SHI-VERS!!!!!!!!!! Belle looks dressed in blue, of course, AND she is wearing a RING! Like the one in the original children story? Who knows!!!?

Cast1The Beast? Oh, the beast… Well! In the trailer we get to see a PICTURE of him as a boy with HIS PARENTS!!!!!! Will the movie show us a bit of HOW did the boy get turned into a horrible beast by the Fairy????? I mean… not a bit… A LOT, PLEASE!!!! The beast, aka prince Adam, will be played by actor Dan Stevens, known among others for his role in BBC’s Downton Abbey. He is veeerrrry handsome and also verrry talented!!!!! Great choice for the legendary role of the beast, who must pass through a whole range of emotions and feelings before finding his humanity and love inside him again!

The father of Belle, sweet Maurice, the chubby, genius inventor, will be played by… Kevin Kline! Oh yes, one of my all time favorite actors, although I cannot quite really figure him out as Maurice, but still, he is so versatile and surprising that… No doubt I will love him as dear old Maurice. We do not yet see him in the teaser, sadly.

Cast2But we DO hear… hehe! Lumiere and Cogsworth, voiced by… Ohohohoh!!!! … Yes! Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD RIGHT??????????????? I swear, when I first read about the casting I was a bit undecided about Ewan McGregor, I don’t know why… but then, when today I heard THAT VOICE. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It threw away ALL of my doubts!!! Amazing voice, amazing actor!!!! So sweet and funny and cheeky at the same time!!!!! Perfect, perfect!!! And, well… need I say more? … Ian McKellen? Did you hear THAT voice in the teaser???? I… I… I already want it on dvd to buy. Right now!!!! A year???? Are you insane?????

Cast3yAnd now. Gaston. Gaston. Dear, crazy, extra macho, vulgar, annoying, inopportune Gaston will be played by… LUKE EVANS!!!!!!!!!! Aahahahaha, nooooooo!!! I can’t believe it!!! I wanna see him!!! What? Who? … HOW??? Luke Evans???? He is one of my most beloved actors and I’ve always seen him as the good guy. And now: Gaston!!!! Oh GGGOD!!!! I cannot wait to see him in this performance and of course he is not in the teaser!!! WHY???? I know why, but…. why???????

Le Fou will be played by… hold on to your hats: OLAF!!! Yeah, that’s right, Josh Gad, people, Josh Gad, who I believe is right on spot playing this one!!!!!! Couldn’t think of anyone better than him to play that… that… Oh, how can I even begin to describe Le Fou? Let’s just say that I am fully SURE about the fact that he will just be perfect!

And finally, mrs Potts. Well, if I think mrs Potts I think England, British, elegant, lovely, adorable british mrs Potts who serves tea and crumpets and is just the perfect english, sweet nanny, kind of like a Mary Poppins who will soothe any trouble with a cuppa tea. And who do YOU think if I say all that? Totally. Emma. Thompson. RIGHT???? Yay, Emma Thompson will be the kind and maternal mrs Potts!!! And I already love her for that!!!!

Cast2sfsfIn the teaser we are introduced in the beast castle, which, I believe, is very in the style of a sumptuous Phantom of the Opera! Very mysterious, very gloomy, yet gorgeous, rich, decadent, breath taking, golden and covered in winter snow. We get to see briefly the inside of the ballroom with crystal chandeliers and an abandoned piano. Also we can hear in the air Alan Menken’s music with a piano theme of Beauty and the beast lingering in the grand halls and cold rooms. Then we see the entrance of the castle with a broken door… And Belle is… just… almost… entering the do… No! You must wait!!! And in the end, falling across a black background is a single red petal of the Rose and a golden writing appears: “Be our guest” …Oh. Dear. God. If you can go through the teaser without crying… you are a very strong Disney fan!!!

I was very impressed by this short preview and very pleased with it too. I cannot wait to see the longer trailer and I believe the movie will be unbelievably good! But I wanted some opinions, SO! I asked to my friends what did THEY think of the teaser and, here we go!!!! I am proud to present THE GREAT WHADDYA THINKABOUT DA TEASER GAME!!!

Simone: “The light effects are very well done. But the teaser shows so little…”

Manuel: “Gothic, suggestive and evocative. It will be a long await. But surely it will be worth it!”

Niccolò: “Another attempt from Disney to offer one of its classical movies in a modern key. I cannot say yet if it will be or not good, but I’m sure it won’t be as good as the original we all know and love. Disney cartoons were real art works, these are re interpretations done for an audience who can’t just settle for the cheerfulness and simplicity of old times but wants to be impressed by digital effects. Will these movies make history? Will they be shown to our kids until the vhs tape breaks? I don’t think so.”

Steven: “The teaser has excellent premises!!!”

Lucy: “Fairy-tale setting, excellent soundtrack, waiting to discover the beauty of True Love…”

Giovanni: “It’s a good teaser, it builds up the curiosity! It has a good style. The only thing I don’t like is that I would have rather seen other things beside the castle, but I know I teaser’s time is short, so… Anyway, let’s wait for the movie!!”

So, in conclusion, guys… March 17th 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re already there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tale as old as time… 😉


Green fried tomatoes inda kitchen

Hi everyone! Today there was a beautiful sun and the energy was at 100%!!! And this morning I was listening to the soundtrack of one of a truly beloved movie to me: “Green fried tomatoes”!! Oooh, beautifully filmed, a lovely, grand cast, a GREAT story (from a great book!) and a killing original soundtrack, by Thomas Newman! So, I went to the kitchen and started cooking a gogo! But not the wonderful green fried tomatoes, since I only had green peppers! But the music was flowing through the air, and the sun was so hot and the mood was so right, that I thoug51R5R13K4VLht: “Oh, total
Whistle Stop Cafè!” So I mad a batch of BAKED CHEESE GREEN PEPPERS and also two scrumptious CHOCOLATE MUG CAKES! With orange and French vanilla flavour!!! Yum!!!

HFried_Green_Tomatoes_at_the_Whistle_Stop_Cafe_8653_Mediumave you ever watched this gorgeous, inspiring movie? From Fannie Flagg’s book, “Fried green tomatoes at the Whistel Stop Cafè“, this movie AND the book are the perfect combination of comedy, drama, family, friendship, history, girl power & food! Poor Evelyn, a WONDERFUL Kathy Bates, is struggling with middle age crisis and finds a new friend and new hope in Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy), a cute little old lady who lives in a retirement home. And she has a LOT to tell: incredible stories from her youth at the Whistle Stop Cafè, during the Twenties. In particulare the movie will take us to know better the other two main characters of the story, Idgie and Ruth (Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker), two strong, independent, brilliant girls who open the Cafè and develop a powerful, beautiful friendship and love. And of course we get to see the funny and yet moving and life changing days in this small yet so important restaurant.

5877_62The story is set in Alabama, so the food is strichtly typical and we are introduced to a wide range of delightful dishes and meals, cooked à la Whistle Stop Cafè, in a very comforting, real life, no-bullshit kinda way. The book recites:

“June 12, 1929 The Whistle Stop Cafe opened up last week, right next door to me at the post office, and owners Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison said business has been good ever since. Idgie says that for people who know her not to worry about getting poisoned, she is not cooking. All the cooking is being done by two colored women, Sipsey and Onzell, and the barbecue is being cooked by Big George, who is Onzell’s husband. If there is anybody that has not been there yet, Idgie says that the breakfast hours are from 5:30- 7:30, and you can get eggs, grits, biscuits, bacon, sausage, ham and red-eye gravy, and coffee for 25c. For lunch and supper you can have: fried chicken; pork chops and gravy; catfish; chicken and dumplings; or a barbecue plate; and your choice of three vegetables, biscuits or cornbread, and your drink and dessert – for 35c. She said the vegetables are creamed corn, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, collard or turnip greens, black-eyed peas, candied yams, butter beans or lima beans. And pie for dessert.”fried-green-tomatoes-6

Take me there. Right. Now.

And this is the fried green tomatoes recipe,  being these the top speciality of the Cafè! That’s how it is described in the book:

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES WITH MILK GRAVY: 3 tablespoons bacon fat 4 firm green tomatoes, sliced ½ inch thick Beaten eggs Dry bread crumbs Flour Milk Salt Pepper Heat your bacon fiat in a heavy frying pan. Dip tomatoes in eggs, then in bread crumbs. Slowly fry them in the bacon fat until golden brown on both sides. Put your tomatoes on a plate. For each tablespoon of fat left in the pan, stir in 1 tablespoon of flour and blend well; then stir in 1 cup warm milk and cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Add salt and pepper till you like it. Pour over the tomatoes and serve hot. The best there is.

Can’t you feel the perfume of a 1920 Alabama kitchen? The air quivering with fantastic smells, the fire warming the room, the pans sizzling on the stove, all those yummy butterlemon juice hot spices… The sweat from your forehead as you look into a pot of boiling water, the yellow corn on the table… Meat, meat everywhere, waiting to be cooked, or getting barbequed in the open air on hot grills! The chocolate, hot, perfumed, runny, melted dark chocolate covering the wooden spoon, dropping on a white plate, as you taste it… God…! The pies, the apple pies, the cherry pies… strawberries red and juicy, cooking in a pot of sugar on the fire… Gah…!!!!

So let’s take a closer look, just for fun, at Idgie and Ruth’s menu! Taking a look in Pinterest right now! So, you have:






I mean… What do you think of DAT??? Wonderful kitchen, isn’t it?? And today that’s exactly how I felt, very Alabama kitchen mood!!! So I prepared these! Gorgeous BAKED GREEN PEPPERS! You’ll need:

  1. green peppers
  2. eggs
  3. grated cheese
  4. salt, pepper, paprika
  5. oil
  6. a bit of tomato concentrate

You cut in halves the peppers, take off the core, sprinkle some salt and pepper on them and roast them in the hoven at 180 Celsius degrees (350 Farenheit) for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you prepare a little sauce with the egg (one egg per pepper), beaten up with the paprika, tomato concentrate and oil. When you take out from the hoven the peppers, fill them with this sauce and sprinkle over them the grated cheese. Put back in the hoven for other 20 minutes. Delish!!!!


Then I made these lovely CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE!!!

  1. one egg
  2. 1/4 cup of sugar
  3. a pinch of baking soda
  4. 1/4 cup of flour
  5. 2 spoons of melted butter
  6. 2 spoons of cocoa powder, the best you can find!
  7. some syrup or flavouring, I used French vanilla syrup and orange flavour, like one teaspoon
  8. 1 spoon of oil
  9. 3 spoons of milk

Mix all the ingredients and pour them in two mugs. Then put the mugs, one at a time, in your microwave and cook at medium heat for one exact minute. The cake will rise like a soufflè and then it will deflate. Take the mug right out of the microwave and enjoy! It will be a delicious cake dipped in its own chocolatey sauce, thick and irresistible! Very Idgie and Ruth-ey!!!



And if you can, try cooking all these listening to the heartbreaking, wonderful, touching, unbelievably good soundtrack by Thomas Newman!!! FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, everybody, definitely a movie that will make you want to live at your best and be wild and passionate!! I higly recommend this one, watch it and you’ll be very, VERY happy!!!!!!! For a long long time!!! And…


Ninny Threadgoode: “Idgie and her friend Ruth ran the Whistle Stop Cafe. Idgie was a character, all right. But how anybody could have thought she murdered that man is beyond me.”

Evelyn Couch: “I beg your pardon?”



A Jane Austen simply sensational cineforum – part 2 – AUSTENLAND

Hi everyone! Continuing with the Jane Austen cineforum, guys, and today I have to say it will be … oh, yeah! AUSTENLAND!!!!!!!!!! I mean, have you ever seen this movie?? I once read a list featuring The top movies list to see when you’re stoned. First place, Pippi Longstockings (no arguing with that AT. ALL!!!), but I believe that THIS ONE totally deseraustenland-2ved a place too!!! (I don’t do drugs, embrace it, so I will switch to… Top movies list to see when you’ve eaten a 14 courses meal, preferably in the evening, ok??) That being said… uhm, I WILL do a post about that! Austenland. AUSTENLAND!!!

Inspired by the book by Shannon Hale, this 2013 movie deserves a place of its own! On the dvd shelf, in the cinema history, in your mind, in your dreams, you name it! It has a cast of interesting names, beginning with JJ Feild (who was chosen because of his GRRRREAT performance in the movie I’ve just written about, Northanger Abbey), Keri Russell, Jane Seymour (the hostess and owner of Austenland), James Callis (Gaius Baltar in Battlestar Galactica) and… ooohhh, Stifler’s mum!! Jennifer Coolidge!!! (aka Sophie Kaczynski in 2 Broke Girls!) I must buy the book because after seeing the movie I NEED to read the real thing. Basically, the story is about this nowadays girl Jane, who is completely, hopelessly obsessed with Jane Austen and decides to spend all her savings on a vacation at … Austenland! A theme park, a mansion, a palace surrounded by meadows and romantic spots, all in Regency style! Everyone dresses appropriately and talks and behaves in the fashion of Jane Austen’s times and novels. A dream come true? Definitely not! Because… Well, now it gets tricky. Because the idea was great, but then I lost myself and it all becomes so strange, weird, funny and… if you’re expecting a romantic comedy or even a historical movie.. no no, you have to watch this with tons of friends and tons of pizza! I will try to write it down! Are you familiar with those lists that people do such as “My 100 thoughts during Spiderman 4”, well, here it comes! 🙂 Takes dvd out, watches the cover, (oh God, oh God) opens it and… play!

  1. Well, I like the red screen with the nice golden opening credits and the classical music
  2. Jane Seymour is holding a stuffed lamb! (note: there will be stuffed animals ALL OVER Austenland!! Why?? To convey a sense of countryland? Of nature? Why not real animals? How much is a real living lamb? Or is it ironic?? I must read the book. Will I find my answers there?)article-2385961-1B2FDAD6000005DC-924_634x298
  3. Flashback of Keri Russell at highschool. Why? Couldn’t they put a highschool girl? Mgh…
  4. She and her friend look at each other awkwardly. What’s going on?
  5. Flashback finished. Nowadays. Ok, that was helpful. …Cut!
  6. She and her boyfriend are watching BBC’ Pride and Prejudice and he punches mister  Darcy’s cardboard that she keeps in the living room. 🙂 I like that!
  7. I like how her best friend is telling her that going to Austenland is crazy. Thank you, dear friend. SHUT UP!000
  8. If a 30 year old girl is really having all that crazy Austen stuuf in her house… no, I can’t believe it, and that’s coming from a cinema memorabilia lover too. That’s simply too much, come on!
  9. Of course her friend gives her a goodbye gift: a dress that should be Jane Austen-y, while it seems a carnival red costume, all wrong and … I don’t know. Is it ironic? If not: “Thank you, dear friend, you really made an effort. …” I must read the book.
  10. Some film shots of London. Ehm… I…I don… I… Really?? A woman with a fuchsia hat in a red telephone booth?? In 2013?? Come on!
  11. Jennifer Coolidge yay!!!!!!
  12. Jane is wearing THE carnival costume WITH … SNEAKERS. Why???
  13. Oh yeah, they have to wait for the guy who’s picking them up at the airport and be dressed in Regency style. So why the sneakers??? I must read the book.
  14. The guy who picks them up… using a…carriage? Nope. A car. A vintage car. Why? WHY?? I am missing something. Are they being deliberately non accurate? Why? Why????? WHAT???
  15. She apologizes with the driver guy because she is dressed with a costume. Isn’t that the whole point of the vacation? If she loves it so much why is she apologizing? It’s the guy’s job to see hundreds of people dressed like that? Why the apology? What, jane, what?? What is your problem??austenland
  16. They arrive at the first house before getting to the grand mansion. And here you have the first clue that the driver thinks this whole thing is idiotic. And he kinda begins to get flirty with Jane, in the way: “This is all stupid, but I get along to keep the job. Let’s hate it together, shall we?” And she… she LOVE THIS. WHY?????????????? You already hate it here too, Jane? Why????
  17. Jane Seymour, aka mrs Wattlesbrook, shows an unexplicable hatred towards Jane. At first sight. Why??? And she treats her from the very beginning as rubbish because, get this: the Park offers different kinds of experiences, the gold, silver, copper vacations. That being, the more you spend, the better we’ll treat you. Even as a person. So, because Jane bought the “cheap” packet, they intend to treat her as a poor, humble, silly girl. What? Why? I would take my luggage and leave. At once. No. She will endure that. THE HELL WHY?? What’s your game, Austenland??? I must read the book.127784_037
  18. The driver’s flirting. I hate that.
  19. Mrs Wattlesbrook explains the rules. No nowadays/modern objects are to be used. And every guest will be guaranteed a love story with a Jane Austen’s type guy. … er. … that… sounds… normal. Ehm. What do you mean by “love story”? … Uhm… ergh… Moving on.
  20. The dress up scene where they get prepared. How cute! Finally some dress… aaaaaaand she hides a phone in her cleavage. Right. Perfect. WHY??????????? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??? If I went on a historical themed vacation I wouldn’t…for the world….aaaaarrrgghghh!!!!!!!!!! I hope they’ll bust her in a minute, GOD!!!!
  21. Thank you very much for the upbeat music. That… just… yes. Great. *Tunz tunz tunz tunz!!!!*
  22. They get a carriage to go at Pembroke Park, and another carriage is going away. Sitting in it is a girl in Les Miserables style, looking like a greek tragedy, kinda like she’s been kicked out of the house, after being punched in the face. Is… this… a horror movie??1376581944000-AUSTENLAND-52979199
  23. Jennifer Coolidge aka Stifler’s mum aka miss Charming takes a look at the servants’… ehm… well… at their… erm… WHAT KIND OF A MOVIE IS THIS ANYWAY???
  24. And mrs Wattlesbrook goes “Tut tut tut!” like “No no no, not yet!” ….WHAAAAAAAAA????
  25. The butlers and the maids are all lined up in front of the house. They are… like… 30. Aaaaanddd… as the two women get inside, we are revealed how many guests there are at the famous Austenland Park!!!
  26. 3
  27. Like 3
  28. As in. Three guests. Jane, miss Charming and another girl. three. 3 girls. And 30 butlers. Oooookkkk. Who’s paying the all thing? I don’t know, frankly. Beats me.Austenland-2-DI
  29. They take them to their rooms and, since miss Charming is Paying and I mean PAYING a lot, guess what: SHE HAS A FLAT SCREEN IN HER SUITE ROYALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A FLAT SCREEN AS BIG AS A HORSE!!!!! WHAT. THE. HELL!!!!!!!ztPhROQLNZ4gbNBqUduOweld0IW
  30. Oh, yeah, right. Jane will sleep in the gutter. I mean, she payed just, what? 300.000 dollars? Copper treatment, copper treatment, boooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  31. Now let’s meet the actors who will entertain the girls during the vacation! The husband of mrs Wattlesbrook. Useless drunken man. Colonel Andrews, lady Amelia (the other guest) and the Darcy like type, a mister Nobley, who seems in the part. The others are just… I don’t …know…
  32. Oh look. All the girls are wearing shiny make up. So Regency. Is it ironic? I’m getting tired…
  33. Mister Nobley getting molested by the loud miss Charming Stifler’s mum is good! 🙂 He is great! That is believable! Why the movie isn’t all like this??
  34. So the wonderful Austenland experience is about seven people in a mansion as big as… I don’t know, Switzerland? I thought there would have been lots and lots and lots of guests and people dressed in lovely clothes and… no. They all fit on two sofas. Grrrreat.Austenland-Movie-1024x576
  35. But, hey, it seems there’s some nice chemistry between Jane and mister Nobley, uuhhhhh…wwwait, no, the driver again. Yes, Jane goes for a walk and meets the driver/gardener: flirt flirt flirt. Jane expresses her first doubts about Austenland. That seems… legit. After all, it’s her first day!!!!!!!!!!! “Yes, I am already done with all this!” …….
  36. Okay this is a must. “We are going a’-hunting!!!” Yes, the hunt scene. And: the servants put DEAD PHEASANTS on wood branches sticking out of the earth. They have pheasants with branches up their … Oh wait no. Thos are not branches. Those are those things you use to throw things in the air after screaming “PULL!!!” and then you shoot. So basically they are shooting dead stuffed animals flying across the sky. With guns. The three ladies are shooting. Very Regency.
  37. Oh, yes, Amelia, the third guest, is wearing a black top hat.
  38. And the gardener is wearing a pirate hat. … A pirate hat. A PIRATE HAT. YOU READ THAT?????? PIRATE. HATTT!!!!!!!
  39. Uuuuuh, she gets caught in the rain and mister Nobley arrives on a white horse to rescue her!! This is sooo rom… No. Yeah. Great. Britney Spears music. No, I know it’s not B. Spears, but the feeling is the same. So Regency.
  40. Jane wandering in the evening around Austenland reminds me of a Dirty dancing’s Baby, when she walks alone looking around. But more depressing. … Shouldn’t she want to be where the action is?? With her six friends?? At home? No. Wander around, Jane, no one to find anywhere, anyway, just so you know…
  41. And just like Baby, she finds the hut (yes, the HUT), where the flirty gardener lives. And he is singing AND playing the saxophone. Ok… Stress release, I get that. … … And when he invites her into the hut, we see how this is working as a true home: like, he has hay bales, those singing salmons hanging on the wall, a lantern, postcards, cds, yeah… I’ll live there for months. … …God.
  42. Oh, look, he gets into a fake crybaby act about: “It’s all so FAKE in here, I can barely stand it…” And she is all: “Yes, I hear you, they all seem crazy to me. It’s nice to take a break from them!” LIKE. ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME???
  43. A noise! What’s that? A female horse nearby is giving birth! … (really? NOW?) And the guy becomes the hero helping her! So romantic. I… I think I’ll skip to Pippi Longstockings…
  44. Normal Austen moment: the three girls read together some novels in the living room. Great! No. No. Nooo, she GETS TIRED and goes outside looking for THE GARDENER. STOOOP!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!
  45. I said enough? Well! My friends, now there is a true TOP MOMENT because a new actor arrives!!! Mrs Wattlesbrook calls a new actor to entertain the girls and a handsome, sexy hot pirate guy enters!!! Now this guy is gonna spend all the time bare chested, dressed in gold trousers, with no shirt and golden earrings, tellin’ tales from the sea. I… don’t… get it. Ironic? But why? Why should mrs W be calling for this sexy man who is the least Regency guy in da world??? When Austenland has all these stricht rules about being in-character????fhd013AUS_Ricky_Whittle_004@005449
  46. The pirate guy kisses Jane and the gardener gets angry. Mister Nobley gets offended. Jane is just enjoying all the craziness.
  47. Top scene: we discover that the poor actors in Austenland park need a … weird, modern place to relax and just recharge. So they spend their free time among barbecues, a big blue pool, pink plastic flamingoes, tons of little televisions, drinking cocktails and playing videogames. …Wearing white wigs, sunbathing in sunglasses and Regency shirts and… all but mister Nobley, who stays in character all time and never gets undressed in public. But. It seems like all the other actors… they all HATE pretending being regency Jane Austen actors. WHY???? Why did you take that job then? I must read the book.
  48. In the living room they all beg Jane to play the piano. I like that, very Regency, perfect 🙂 Aren’t you happy, Jane? That’s the kinda experience you wa… No. She sits down and starts singing: “I’m gonna take my clothes off!” … Ok. Stop. Stop right there. WHY?? Why does she wants to ruin everything for everyone? Do you hate mrs Wattlesbrook? Then, react in a Jane Austen way, HUH??? You hate Austenland?? LEAVE!!! You… I… I must read the book.
  49. Mister Nobley acts all kind and gentle. Surprise! She hates it! …Ok. Jane. JANE!!! You were kissing a CARDBOARD of Colin Firth, now you have mister Darcy RIGHT HERE, although equally fictional, and … well, that’s what you wanted, right?? SO: what is your problem????????
  50. I love mister Nobley.
  51. Jane has a super idea! She will take control of her own character and no longer be treated as a poor humble girl, but she will try to be funny and flirty and the queen of the prom! That would be a great idea, Jane! Although… all she does is: steal some clothes of the third girl and – during a slow motion scene (…) – kisses every possible man on the cheek, touches every possible man’s shoulder in a seducing way (….!!!!!!!!) and other delighting things that a proper girl during those times WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE!!!!!!!! Jane: you claim that you read Pride and Prejudice a thousand times by the time you were.. five? And that’s how much you know that world??? And those girls??? AAAAAuuughhg!!!
  52. Croquet game: the captain plays bare chested wearing just a striped vest. DEAR GOD!
  53. The girls decorate bonnets and hats! Cute 🙂 …With hot glue guns. RAUUURRGGHHGG!!!!
  54. Stuffed peacock on a column in the garden
  55. Mrs Wattlesbrook writes a comedy script so that the guests can perform on stage a little romantic play. And the audience? The servants on garden chairs. And get that: they even “boo!” and “Go home!” the girls!!! …
  56. The way Jane talks about this suspension of reality in Austenland, WITH the actors, and how she laughs at it, opposed to how she persist on breaking the rules AND yet she tries in some moments to follow the rules. I don’t know. I don’t understand it. What… why, Jane? What’s in that mind of yours, Jane? I cannot fathom it… I just can’t.
  57. The great ball scene. AAaaand: hundreds of people. WHAAAA???? HOW? WHERE? WHY?? The gardener explains it all. Mrs Wattlesbrook has called everyone she knows, neighbors, maidens, butlers, gardeners, the TAXIDERMIST!!!!! But… how… wh… I mean… why don’t they act as normal Jane Austen people ALL THE TIME!!! So that this house and the whole experience can look REALISTIC AND PLAUSIBLE??????
  58. And NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, spoilert alert. I cannot ruin the finale, I can’t. Please, please watch the movie!!!!austenland00023

…. …. This is Austenland. I haven’t yet figured it out. I know, you will say: “Well, read the book and understand it!” Yes. I know, I get that. But as for the movie. To me, it is so incomprehensible and weird and crazy that… I LOVE IT!!! It has become one of my most treasured films and I cannot tell how many glorious nights I’ve spent with all my friends laughing and enjoying it in the most complete way!!!!!! SO! My conclusion is: kudos to the director, to the actors, to the writer for this little gem!!! I am so happy to put this movie in my Jane Austen dvds session and I will treasure it forever and WATCH IT, GUYS, definitely watch it and appreciate it!!! You will not regret it! Super funny, super performances, great actors and totally hilarious!!!! A real good time, feel good movie!!! Please consider my list as a silly way to introduce you an EXTRA FUNNY film!!! And now, first AMAZON.COM to get the book, and then…

Miss Charming: “l am Aphrodite, the goddess. Often fickle in my large arse!”

Mrs wattlesbrook: “Largesse!”

Miss Charming: “… Largesse!!!”

Yes. That’s correct. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀misscharming

A Jane Austen simply sensational cineforum – part 1 – NORTHANGER ABBEY

Hi everyone! This week I’ve been in a very Jane Austen mood! Well, I always feel like it, but these days… more than usual! Now and then I like to read again her novels and here lies the 1698zproblem. When I feel like reading Jane Austen, weel, I must admit that I possess a big, huge collection of all the novels and it is quite difficult to read it easily, such as… in bed at night… So a few weeks ago I started – as I always, sistematically do – to look in bookstores for adorable, vintage looking, real looking, authentic, regency style editions of the books, but separated, one version of Pride & Prejudice, one of Emma, etcetera.. But, sad to say, they do not really make vintage-like editions of Jane Austen anymore, do they? I can’t have a Sense and Sensibility book with the picture of two girls smoking and chewing gum and apparently sisters, on the cover. I can’t. I would rather keep my old old complete collection. So today I had an idea. I had a bunch of old fashioned beautiful papers from Bassano’s Stamperia Tassotti, an historical paper shop in Italy that creates wonderful decorative stationery items. So, I decided to wrap the book! And it turned out, verrry gorgeous! I used a lemon themed paper, so cute and poetical, I really love it… I still will be looking, all my life I suppose, for beautiful Jane Austen novels’ editions, but now I love my old collection even 4eba5638f09153171b2445d0762e6d3685b3777f0905295909fc761964651d2a339dfcb51512b3490cee2c6ee0fbcd3dmore! Just for the fun of it, take a look at these beauties… Touching these books, buying them, having them as quiet companions in your beloved, shiny bookshelves… Oh, I do love these books, I wish I could be under a tree in the spring afternoon, reading… Just reading… Oh, look, it has started to rain and a mysterious man on a white horse is approaching! … 😀Northanger_Abbey

Yes, well, that’s exactly what I am going to talk about today! Because yesterday, for the first time, I watched
“Northanger Abbey”
, the movie, with Felicity Jones and JJ Feild. Oh-my-GOD! Wonderful movie!! I didn’t even know about it, I stumbled upon it, you could say. The plot is very simple: miss Catherine Morland, a dreamy girl who has a deep passion for gothic novels and mysteries, is invited by her family’s neighbors, the Allen, to take a vacation time in Bath. Here she is naively splitting her days with two groups of new friends, the Thorpe and the Tilney. Who are both brother and sister, Isabella Thorpe and John Thorpe, versus Eleanor Tilney and Henry Tilney. When Catherine is also invited by the Tilney family to stay for a short time at their home, Northanger Abbey, the lively immagination of the girl will see everywhere all sorts of ghosts stories, murders and suspects, even when there are none. None at all. In the end, who will be the good match for Catherine and who will be the nice sister she 07northanger0033can trust and keep as a good friend? … Ihih, read the book! 🙂 Or watch the movie!

As I said, I loved every part of it and I fell in love with Felicity Jones: a perfect, delightful portrait of the silly, amiable Catherine. Felicity brings a sense of purity and light to the movie, with her fair, porcelain skin, her big, wide eyes that cannot really fathom what surrounds her and a heart that sees good in everyone but also aches to find excitement and mystery in a life which otherwise lacks in all those things.PDVD_239

Then, I believe that Carey Mulligan was BORN to act in period dramas. Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, The Great Gatsby,
Far from the madding crowd… She has that kind of face, of eyes, of essence, simply perfect for this kind of movies. (By the way, I believe also that within this category fall: Matthew Macfadyen, Robert Pattinson, Emma Thompson, Stephen Mangan, Keira Knightley, Ben Barnes, James MacAvoy, Martin Freeman, Lena nie-ohne-schutenhut-und-nochHeadey… and mannnny others! Please, do period movies, preferably love period movies, please, pleeeease!!! 🙂 ) Yes, Carey Mulligan is a wonderful miss Thorpe, so sassy, so seductive, so girlish, and so well opposing to the pure and naive Catherine, who in the beginning totally believes in the good nature of her new friend. Even in the book the two families will be referred to as the good ones and the bad ones, very appropriate of a child-like girl who just entered society and must choose between good and bad…northangera

And JJ Feild. Oh. OH! What’s to say about this great actor? I must say in the beginning I really began to think he was the bad one: so sassy, so smug, so at ease with himself… But no, he was the hero! Amazing actor, amazing book, amazing film. Mister Tilney, you and your muslin!

I loved how Catherine Morland’s fantasies are presented in a more raw, dark tone, in colour actually, I mean. The director really want to show us how Catherine’s dreams are only and purely made of gothic fantasies. So every time she makes a new aquaintance, she later re-imagines it as a short goth romantic fantasy, daydreaming… I love that!

a9f9db00-6716-0133-9003-0e17bac22e39While reading the book I was struck by how much I felt like Catherine was constantly in dangerous situations. In Bath, left to the care of idiotic mrs Allen, who couldn’t care less, Catherine is always put in uneasy and weird moments by the Thorpe brothers. She reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, like she cannot really take control of her life and is dragged around by evil minds and events. In the movie I didn0t feel all of this very strongly, but in the book it was very vivid to me. I believe it was all intentionally created by Jane Austen. I mean, the girl Northanger-Abbeyin distress of the gothic novels is truly Catherine, though she is just on vacation in Bath, she really is put in danger by those who she considers friends but really aren’t.

I must say it was a very NICE film ( 😉 ) in my opinion and it was the perfect opening for a great Jane Austen’s movies festival!!! See you soon for the second part of our Austen journey!!! And…

Mister Tilney (dancing with Catherine): ” Now I must give you one smirk, then we can be rational again!”