Autumn days… getting cozy with a movie

f6d9e4e674cd4859b6f66a3a34b1e973Hi everyone! Today is looking very autumn-like weather in town and though I am at work, I sockswould loooove to stay home with a nice movie and some afternoon tea treats! Mmm… I wish I could snap my fingers and have a beautiful hot chocolate with cream from Starbucks… aaand be in some comfy pajamas… with a nice blanket and … what movie?





Well, let’s see… 🙂 Recently I’ve been thinking about “Autumn in New York”, with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. A very sad movie, I know, but I love its new york images (2)sophistication and minimalism… the clothes, the refined food from Richard Gere’s character’s restaurant… The lovely beads and silk hats that Charlotte (Ryder) creates… The autumn leaves landscapes, the chilly, windy, crisp atmosphere… Very elegant, very fall-mood movie. To watch while drinking some stylish New York drink and maybe some savoury treat, like the ones Will (Gere), a great chef, creates: something with arugula, fresh Parmesan and olives tossed in… and some posh hot tea, perfectly suiting the movie mood.





when-harry-met-sally-original1Or, maybe… “When Harry met Sally”? I have to say, I’ve jimages (1)ust seen this movie, a few days ago, and for the very first time ever! Very nice indeed! Clever, smart, fresh, bubbling with jokes and sparkling with a wonderfully comic couple. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are just perfectly matched in this one, you just can’t help it but to watch the idiotic things they do and say to sabotage their own lives and happiness and you just smile and shake your head with fondness! You simply have to love them and forgive everything they do, ’cause they are just so clumsy and confused.




New York, wonderful as always through all the movie. And for this one, I would say tons of junk food, because I felt that I wanted to fight the miss Goody Two Shoes – Meg Ryan character by indulging in male self destructing behaviour: so, chips, Coca Cola, and leftover Chinese food a gogo! It will be very satisfying when in the end… eheh, spoiler alert!

harry sally




Come to think of it, this is turning rather into a New York autumn afternoon, huh? So, inew-york-city-autumn-android-wallpaper-movie-544ff8e864cd5c862e831d8ec121b5b8-big-17615f I have to stay curled up in bed or on the sofa, while eating and drinking and have to choose a fall-feeling movie, well, now… oh!!! “Sex & the City”!!!!!! But not the movie, the tv series!!!! Hell yes!! Perfect! Uuh, so many seasons to chose from, so many feelings and emotions to watch and feel… I’m gonna go with the last season and with the very last episodes and fly to Paris with Carrie, why not? Don’t you want to be with her on those lonely days in Paris, during the autumn? Don’t you wanna be her friend? Have a hot chocolate together in a Parisian cafè? Eating macarons? And go to that Blibrarian guys party that she never attended? And kick in the ass Alexander Petrovksy?? While Big is coming to save the day? 🙂 So, here we are, and for this one I think I’ll chose… hot coffee, maybe a nice frothy cappuccino and some sweet pastries! You know, when she’s in that cafè, smoking and feeding the Dogue de Bordeaux? Adorable, so sad… so nice…




sex and the city



And so, that’s it! We’re all set, ready for a great dreamy afternoon indoors, no need to get out with all that cold wind and chilly air, just stay home, relax, eat good things and be happy with your beloved movies, which ones will you chose?? Happy autumn!!!! 


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