La bibliothèque des chats

Hi everyone!!! Back from holidays! I have been to Austria and today I would like to introduce you to… Heyn! The cats’ bookshop of Klagenfurt!!!

l article

le jaune

I stumblle seigned upon this weird, amazing place one year ago and… Well, I do love books, but I do not know German… ehm… so well… ehm, at all, so I just went into the shop to take a look at the book covers. And then, wait, everywhere there were… mmm… cats things, cat… stuff… Like post its, signs, bookmarks, pictures, little black adhesive cat paws prints on the floor and… feeling a bit like some kind ofCoraline I followed the feline steps and … well, there they were, comfortably sitting among the books, two black cats!

Two shiny, soft, clever looking, fierce black cats!!! And so I noticed the pictures and the articles hanging in nice frames on the walls. Everywhere cats! And pictures of the two cats! And les chatscat stickers and silhouettes made of paper! And then a lovely reading room with red le barsofas and cozy lamps… and even the cutest coffee station if you are in the mood for a hot cup of sweetness! And the poufs, scattered all around, and made of books!  😀 Lovely!

I thought about the Disney’s Hocus Pocus black cat, Takery Binks! And Figaro, from Pinocchio! Or the wise cat in Coraline!!! We soo love and fear and love more black cats! they hold such a mistery katzenveil upon them… How can you figure out a black cat? What is he thinking?

A black cat make me think of books shelves, magic, golden and brass scientifical instruments to watch the stars… Magicians, wizards… witches… I love that in Practical magic, Sally and Gillian, the two witch sisters, have a black cat and alwale livresys cuddle him 🙂


I like how  in cinema the black cat is always the wise, intelligent, witty character… Jiji is a loyal companion to Kiki, in Kiki’s delivery service!


The black cat helps Coraline getting out of problems… There’s so often a black cat that knows better! 🙂


Uh! I almost forgot! I bought two little tote bags especially made to carry books around, and they have literary quotes upon! They have so many and all so cute it was hard to choose one!


And so it was very nice to see this cute, lovely store, which reunited books and cats, so beautiful and magic!!! So soothing and relaxing… the perfect match: a book and a cat!!! With a cup of hot chocolate 🙂 If you will ever visit the wonderful city of Klagenfurt, Austria, go and take a look! …


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  1. What a nice article about this store!!!
    I’ll visit it if I go to Klagenfur because your description is so interesting that I’m looking
    forward to having a look….also because a friend of mine has got an amazing black cat, Tatoo , with green eyes, and I love him, I adore him and it could be the right occasion to buy an original present.Thanks Valentine!!!!!!!♡

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