Cronuts craze & Two broke girls

Hi everyone! This is the very first post ever on my new site, so exciting! Well, let’s begin! I like tv series very much, atwo broke girls posternd I am a Will&Grace, Sex&the city, Big Bang theory kinda girl. I also like to prepare cupcakes and some time ago a friend of mine told me if I’ve ever seen 2 Broke Girls, cause one of the two main characters bakes gorgeous cupcakes. No, I’ve never, but then my dad (the Emperor of tv series!) bought in Austria the first series dvd box and after months (I was very reluctant, I really can’t say why), I watched it. Oh. God. I ….LLOVED IT!!!!! I immediately bought online the second series dvd box and suffered until I could order the third one, which was at the time unavailable!!

I just can’t get enough of this show, it is fresh, modern, unbelievably funny and I love the two girls, but also ALL the other characters, it can’t fail to make me burst out with laughter! The show is created by Michael Patrick King&Whitney Cummings and for the sex&the city addicts it is veeery clear where all the spunk and cleverness of the series is coming, very bright and edgy! The story is about cynical but good hearted waitress Max Black, who works in a rough but funny Williamsburg diner, and Caroline Channing, Manhattan princess who finds herself without money because her multimillionaire dad goes to prison for economical fraud. Caroline gets hired at the diner but while Max is very tough and life-expert, she can’t handle hard work. Max will take her under her wing and under her roof and the two girls will start to complete one another, Max will teach Caroline how to go through life and Caroline, thanks to her education and enterprenurial drive will convince Max, who is a grrreat cupcake baker, to open a cupcake shop together and aim for the stars!

I simply love both of them, exactly because they have all of it: Max is strong, funny, sarcastic and witty, Caroline has the New York fashionista mind, knows all about art, foreign languages, culture, is very refined and cute and so they kinda create the perfect girl being together. And yes, I have started looking for Caroline necklace in bijoux stores and I can say that I’ve found one, and when I am in a 2 Broke Girls mood I can put it on and feel very inspired! And yes, I’ve started baking a lotta more cupcakes, eheh, while thinking about Max’s hilarious quotes.

But then, in an episode, it was more than the cupcakes, a lightning bolt! In the third series, in episode 5, the new trend in town is… CRONUTS!

What? Cronuts? Yes, cronuts! The ultimate, delicious novelty in New York, the amazing combination of croissant & donuts is the cronut!

And so I started looking up online and there were all this mouth watering pictures of crunchy, soft, golden sugared and glazed pastries and I said to myself: “Do it!” And so if you wanna try the grrreat cronuts here it goes, the delicious recipe!

The ingredients are:spoon

1 packet of dry yeast

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup warm water (I always use the same mug for all recipes and it works!)

4  tablespoons white sugar

1/2 cup milk

2 tablespoons melted butter

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 egg


30 ounces all-purpose flour, more as needed

7 ounces unsalted butter (work it in a bowl before, until creamy and smooth, ready to spread)


First you put the yeast in a large bowl and add the water, then let it sit for five minutes. It will start to create a delicate paste. Then add all the other ingredients, the flour at the end, but Do Not add the soft unsalted butter. Mix all well and then knead the dough on a board, using some flour to smooth it and make it less sticky and more kneadable. Then form a ball and wrap it in plastic film, then refrigerate it for twenty minutes.


Then, take it out of the fridge and carefully roll it with a pin. You wanna form a rectangle


Then you will spread half of the soft butter in the middle of the rectangle, as if it was divided in three parts. Then fold it and put the second half of the butter on the part on top. Then cover with the other part of dough.


Wrap it in plastic and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then roll it out into a new rectangle and fold it in three, as before. Refrigerate for 40 minutes. Roll it out again, you are doing a croissant kinda dough, which was pretty amazing, I felt like Meryl Streep in “It’s complicated”!, and and fold it and refrigerate for three hours! You may watch eleven episodes of 2 Broke Girls for inspiration to help time pass…!

mug cut

Now take the dough out of the fridge and roll it out and cut it with round pastry cutters in donuts shapes. Let them rest in a warm place under a towel for 30 minutes and then, people… HOOOT vegetable oil and then FRY those gorgeous cronuts!


You made them! Very good! Fry the pastries two minutes circa for side, then put them on kitchen paper to drain and then, well, the sky is your limit! Glaze them, sprinkle some sugar, chocolate drizzles, eat them with custard, lemon cream, jam, whatever rocks your boat!


I baked these cronuts today for the first time ever and I was so happy, I felt so satisfied and they turned out delicious! So, I’ll see you soon, dear readers, with more films&tv inspired thoughts and ideas! Thanks for reading my first post, have a  lovely day and…

Max: “What’s a cronut?”

Caroline: “A half croissant – half donut!”

Max: “They sound stupid! … Stupid DELICIOUS!!!!




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